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Creating a delicious, plant-based meal has never been easier. Sloppy Jo’s is made from organic soy, mixed with sauces and packed with flavour. All you need to do is heat it, fry it, stir it — or simply just grab a fork and enjoy it.

4 flavours


many options.

Savory barbecue or hot mexican? Our four authentic flavours will save your day (and the world) one bite at a time.

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Holy smokes, it's BBQ

We couldn’t cover the world without a pit-stop in the American South, home of comfort food and smoky goodness. We’ve created from scratch a full, rich barbecue marinade that brings to mind images of grilling on the back porch, summer and comfort food with friends… that tastes great year-round :-). After looking everywhere for the best BBQ sauce, we realised we had to make it ourselves…. so here it is, made from nothing but real ingredients.

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Truly tasty Thai food

With a punch of garlic and ginger, just the right amount of chili and rounded off with lime and toasty sesame oil, we make sure that your tastebuds are transported to a Thai street food kitchen.

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The Indian flavour you love

We love Indian food, because it fuses exotic spices in a way that makes your mouth come alive.

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¡Ay, que delicioso!

If chipotle, roasted peppers and heart-warming cumin had a party, this is what you’d get!

Heat it.
Eat it.
Vegan food plantbased
¡Ay, que delicioso!
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Sloppy Jo's Thai flavour
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Heat it and Eat it
Heat it and Eat it
Our Sloppy marinades

Feel the sizzle:
Fancy a too-good-to-be-true burrito?

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Sloppy burger mouth sticker

No meat?
No problem.

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Fast to make:

Heat it, eat it. Everything is pre-cooked and ready-to-heat. It takes just 10 minutes to make a mouth-watering and nutritious meal.

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Full of flavour:

Nothing beats the joy of a good meal. No matter whether you like your food savoury or spicy, we’ve got your back.

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Good for you:

We all know that we need to incorporate more whole-food plant-based foods into our diets. That’s us.... and it’s good for the planet too.