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We really needed a delicious, super-easy and nutritious staple in our own kitchen. Something so good that we’d sneak a bite at 2AM, when we’re raiding the fridge. So good that our kids love to find it in their lunch bag. Something plant-based that could replace meat without trying to be meat. Too many ready-to-eat plant-based food products out there simply don’t taste great. They may even be highly processed with mysterious, unhealthy ingredients. We created our products for ourselves, then our friends started asking for them, and then we decided that everyone should have the chance to taste them!

Great question :-). We're starting out at festivals and other events to build awareness and gather feedback, and will eventually launch in retail. After testing in cafés and other events in Copenhagen, we officially launched at NorthSide Music Festival in Aarhus in Summer 2023 with plant-based organic Sloppy BBQ and Sloppy Thai burgers - and sold out! The feedback was wonderful, with many people - meat lovers, vegetarians, even a pig farmer (!) - coming back for more and bringing their friends. Stay tuned - and follow us at @eatsloppy on Instagram to hear about upcoming events.

Sloppy Jo’s is not trying to be anything it’s not. It’s simply a delicious, organic plant-based alternative to meat that’s not trying to be meat - made from European-sourced organic soy and other whole-food ingredients. No highly processed ingredients or extruded whatevers here, thank you. Our customers often find that the texture and "mouth feel" reminds them of pulled pork or shredded ham, tossed in a flavourful and juicy organic marinade. Our goal was to re-create a plant-based version of the elements so many of us like in meat: Deep flavours with umami and punch, texture that has a satisfying little “bite” to it and juiciness. Something that tastes and feels at the same time familiar and exciting. We think we’ve succeeded.

Aside from organic braised onions, spices and other natural flavourings, one of our key ingredients is made from minced and curdled European-sourced organic soy (tofu, without feeling like tofu) which has been processed as little as possible to preserve the nutrients. Organic soy contains enough protein to create a wonderful shredded “meat-like” structure, texture and “bite”, the way we prepare it. It also has a neutral flavour that lets all the organic spices and other natural ingredients in our organic marinades really shine.

The short answer is: Yes! Soybeans have been cultivated and eaten for at least 7,000 years. They’re a nutrient-dense food, rich in fibre, protein, B vitamins, magnesium, and potassium. While there are thousands of studies about soy - enough to create confusing and contradicting messages - the majority of evidence demonstrates a range of health benefits. You can read more about the health benefits right here:

For a great source of information in Danish, here is an article by clinical dietitian Maria Felding:

Yes, Sloppy Jo's fillings are 100% gluten-free! And our products are organic, made from European-sourced organic soy and other natural ingredients.

Not soy grown for people - that’s a common misconception - and especially not organic soy. 77% of all soy is cultivated as feed for the meat and dairy industry - that kind of soy is a major source of deforestation and harm to biodiversity. Only about 7% of soy grown in the world is produced for humans, and research shows that this kind of soy has almost no environmental impact. And studies show that organic soy grown for people to eat is even better for human health and the environment.

We love this question! Heat it and eat it. Choose a flavour, close your eyes and slop it almost anything :-). You can heat it up in a pot or in the microwave, bake it, pan-fry it until it sizzles, mix it into a sauce - or just eat it right out of the package with a fork - seriously.

We can start by saying what Sloppy Jo’s is not. It’s not highly processed. There are no funny items and extruded whatevers on the ingredient list. Sloppy Jo’s is all-natural, gluten-free and organic, made from traditional ingredients that we’ve combined and prepared in new ways to create flavours that we all know and love. The main ingredient, European-sourced organic tofu (although you probably won’t recognise it in the product) is made from whole organic soy beans that have been minced and curdled.  All plant-based and gluten-free — and great for vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers alike.

Trust us, tasting is believing. Don’t worry. We do something magical with organic tofu and our other ingredients to create a new kind of product that is healthy, crazy delicious and good for the planet. Warning: many people - even meat-lovers - tell us it’s so good that it might become habit-forming.

Fact is, you’ll probably finish it long before you reach the “best by” date . Plus, because our products contain only plants, they normally last a lot longer in the fridge than fresh food products that contain meat and/or dairy. That said, we’re supposed to tell you that it will normally last at least a week after it’s opened.