We’re here to make a change through amazingly tasty food.

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01: Change through taste

Changing eating habits is hard. The only way change can happen is to create nutritious food that is freaking delicious, so good that you just don’t care it’s not meat - at least that’s what we think.

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02: Whole-food and plant-based

Sloppy Jo’s is made from minced and curdled organic soy and packed with authentic streetfood flavours from all over the globe — with absolutely no compromise on texture or taste.

It’s whole-food and plant-based, but it’s first and foremost so delicious, that you’ll want another bite.

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03: Good for you and the planet

We’ve created a new food product with authentic street food flavours from all over the globe — with absolutely no compromise on quality, texture or taste. A source of protein that’s organic, clean-label, plant-based, whole-food. All of that.

It’s good for you and for the planet, but more than that, it’s just delicious. So tasty that vegetarians and meat lovers alike love it.

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All flavour, no meat. Sloppy Jo’s is a plant-based product made primarily from organic ingredients — with no additives, of course.

Step 01:


We shred, add a special dry rub and bake organically-sourced minced & curdled soy.

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Step 02:


We combine with slow-braised onions.


Step 03:


We mix it with homemade organic marinades.

Step 2

Is Sloppy Jo's really green and healthy?

Yep, there’s no catch… and yes, organic soy beans ARE a good source of proteins and other key nutrients, and delicious if they’re prepared right. Let us tell you more right here.